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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I just made this Snoopy with the Design Studio software. I've always been a huge Snoopy freak, so this was an incredibly fun challenge. I'm happy to share the file if you can contact me with your email address. It uses the George cart, and can cut either on the baby bug or Expression. I also used the markers for the outline. The only piece I had to free-hand was just drawing the line on his ear. Yay Snoopy!!!


Dawn said...

Wow that is soooooooo cool!
Would you mind sharing your cut file with me?

Thanks! Dawn

Anonymous said...

Hi Monique, Thank you so much for the Snoopy file. I love all of your creations and your blog.

Mattie (jazzi) from the MB

Lisa Dones said...

Hey Monique, great Snoopy!
I tagged you on my blog, go check it out :*)

snoopygirl said...

But of course I love the Snoopy, how could I not? That looks great!

scrapn_momof2 said...

Monique, Snoopy is SO AWESOME!!! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief! That's Snoopy is perfect. Please share with me at and I will try to figure out how to do use a cut file. In this house we watch the Peanuts specials on DVD year-round. Thanks for thinking of us.

Jenny said...


YOU ARE AMAZING! That is WICKED COOL!!! Your DS skills are amazing too!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. I have the Design Studio but haven't played with it yet. I love Snoopy.

Anonymous said...

Love the snoopy can you send the file. My sister is about to have her first baby and did the nursery in snoopy. This would be a great addition to her scrapbook.

Scrappy said...

You have an amazing talent! Great snoopy! Would you mind please sharing the cut file with me.

Thank you

Unknown said...

That is so cool!!! Can you share your cut file with me?

AmiL said...

I have been looking everywhere online for an easy to cut snoopy file for Cedar Point layout I am working on - cannot believe I found yours. Would you be willing to share the file? Thanks a bunch, Ami (

Anonymous said...

OMG, I just found your snoopy cut file! Can you please share it with me? Thank you so much!


dtinker said...

Please please share snoopy.....I've become addicted to him! lol

Unknown said...

I am so impressed with the Snoopy! My little boy loves him and I want to do his birthday invitations with Snoopy. Could you please share the file with me as well?
Thank you.

JustJohnnie said...

Have been waiting forever for a Peanuts cartridge. Then I found your Snoopy. Thank you so much for sharing. Would love to have the file.

Monique Griffith said...

JustJohnnie - If you'll email me at I'd be happy to send you the file.

creativemom2 said...

Awesome Snoopy!! My kids and I just love Snoopy, even our dog looks a little like him. I would love it if you could send me the instructions how you made Snoopy. Please send it to

You rock!

Anonymous said...

I love it! would you share the cut file with me?

Anonymous said...

I would love to try to cut snoopy out of vinyl for a project I am working on with my little girl... any suggestions... I would also love to have the cut file for use. :) Great design!

Unknown said...

That design looks fab, did it take you a long time to creat it? Could I also have a copy of the file?


Unknown said...

I would love to have your cut file of Snoopy. Would you share with me?

Laura S said...

Good Morning, is it still possible to get this cut file? I truly hope it is, My email address is I would forever be grateful. thank you. said...

If you still have the Snoopy cut file, can you send it with me?
Thank you, Carol said...

If you still have the Snoopy cut file, can you send it with me?
Thank you, Carol

Anonymous said...

Love the Snoopy cut out. Soooooooo cool. Would love a copy of the file.
Thanks Susan

Unknown said...

nice!!! Could you please email me it :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can you send me the file? Thanks.

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