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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home. Here's our new house in progress. The outside is now ready for paint, and they just painted all the walls inside a gorgeous soft butter/wheat color. The stair rail is in and stained, and the cabinets are sitting in the garage just waiting to be installed. So exciting! The picture of Emily and me was taken in her bedroom. She has really loved getting to visit her future room in all of the different stages. I can't wait to paint some girly colors in there for her - that's always my favorite room to decorate because she just gets soooooo excited about it. Less than 2 months to go now!!!


Laura said...

Monique, your house is so pretty. I can't wait to visit you in it. Congrats!!!!

scrapn_momof2 said...

Monique, it looks amazing!!! Wishing you all the best in packing, moving and unpacking!!!

Tifany said...

Awesome! How fun for you all! Enjoy!

Lisa Dones said...

Amazing, so exciting, thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

That is so EXCITING!!! What an amazing house! I know you have been waiting a long time! CONGRATS!

Jen said...

Wow! Looking gorgeous! What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL house!!! Happy days. Happy packing! and moving! and unpacking! Hehehe!!

all4sydney said...

Amazing House!! Congrats!!

KYMBERLY said...

how blessed are you!!!!!!!!!!!! it's beautiful!!! i just happen to stumble across your blog. i'll keep posted to see how everything turns out. i have a little girle too we decorated her room when we had our house built. i think i had more fun

ps-i like your cowgirl & horse!!! i just got the paper dolls cart myself.


The Princess said...

Can't wait to see it all done!! What a beautiful house and special you can all be together!!

Talk soon, Sara B.

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