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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here's my sweet Emily. I've been trying to get a great picture to send with our Christmas cards, and I just haven't quite gotten the right one yet. But these are pretty cute I think, so one of them just might have to do. The ones in the purple were taken just yesterday. She really wanted 2 ponytails, which has only happened 3 times in her life. She usually won't let me mess with her hair at all. The other pic of her in the black and red dress was taken Friday after her school Christmas program. If you care to comment and let me know which one you think would be best with Christmas cards, I'd sure appreciate the input!!! Merry Christmas!!


The Princess said...


Oh my gosh!! She is just beautiful!! I love them all...but actually the red dress one in my favorite...maybe it is the dress...just looks holiday to me!!

I need to write you soon...I have some things I done on DS done that I want to show you...and I will have some questions!! Ha ha!!

Have a great day!! Sara Brinker

Tifany said...

I vote for #3.

Merry Christmas!

busylizzy said...

I like pic #2. It's close up so you can see her adorable face and I think it's just her little expression. She's a doll. The tree behind her shows it's Christmas time.

Unknown said...

Definitely #2. It's that adorable face.

scrappinbearcub said...

I love the red and black dress one then the center picture next. Merry Christmas You all. I love the one ones with the dogs too.

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