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Sunday, February 28, 2010
So we just had a huge Swarm yesterday with 57 ladies and their Cricuts. It was a blast. But one of the coolest things was that my sister-in-law, Becca, came for the Swarm - all the way from Texas!!! Becca is super duper awesome, and I just adore her. So what better way to show someone you love them than to make cute stuff for them, right?

Becca bought this black Ott Lite today on sale at Michael's, and we decided to dress it up. I got out the vinyl, and we went to work.

We decorated both the front and the back using the Storefront cartridge as well as Storybook. Hmmmm, I think I like it too much and want to swap Ott Lites tonight while she's sleeping. By the time she notices, she'll be back in Texas! Should I do it?

I also made Becca this silly scrap shirt. Yes, it really does say "Scrapbooger". She loved it and wore it to the Swarm.

It says "Scrapbooger" because my sweet daughter called us that when she was about 3, and she was cranky at us for scrapping too much, LOL!

Since then, Emily has had a change of heart and now wants to scrap with us! She's learning to use the Cricut, and I let her use it all by herself today for the first time. She's only 5 1/2, but she did a fabulous job!

It's been a crazy fun weekend - thanks for stopping by!!


scrapn_momof2 said...

Cute light Monique. I had a blast yesterday. You did a great job of putting on the event.

yvette said...

Oh, love what you did to the OTT Lite. I got a gray one, and yes it is boring. So I need to hunt for some cute vinyl and make mine pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Great light, cute t-shirt, and looks like fun was had by all.

cloudofdreams said...

Oh my I love how your light turned out and that shirt is so funny!! Sure wish I lived closer so I could have joined in on the fun!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. hugs :-)

quiltnsuzn said...

The Swarm was awesome with so many ladies helping! Cute shirt. Becca loves her Scrapbooger title. She says it's a real icebreaker! And the lamp is so adorable. I will be customizing mine soon!

LAURA said...

I'm considering buying a cricut. Can I download a shape or logo of my own and cut that out?

Kim said...

OMG... this is so cute!!! I recently bought an Ott lite and I am so scraplifting this idea. I love your blog. You make some of the best layouts. Where do you find your inspiration?

Tammy said...

Monique! You are the cutest!! Love the Ott Light decoration and really LOVE the t-shirt! LOL! Wish I could have flown to Cali for the swarm! Ahhh... maybe someday...

Oh! And congrats on the Above Rubies Master Designer position!


Ladybug said...

Hiya Monique,

I really enjoy visiting your blog and looking at all your creations.

I have a Blog Award waiting for you on my website.

flowerdisco said...

how cute!

Scrap Happy (aka LadyBugFever) said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Wish I could find something like that down here in San Diego.

Where did you find the bug logo? I've been trying to find one that I can cut out of vinyl for my notebooks and cartridge storage box. Would you mind forwarding me the information?

Marlene Meier

Anonymous said...

Love that little cricut with her pink tiara!!!

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